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10 March 2022

War in Ukraine

by Konstantin Petrov

I want to write down my stance on what was happening in Ukraine in the last decade and what is happening now

I am doing so not to change anyone’s opinion or to educate anyone, just for myself and to those who find my posts here.

What happens now in Ukraine is war, and nothing else

2 weeks ago, on 24th of February 2022, Putin - man who holds the power over Russia - without any declaration, without any provocation or unjust actions from Ukrainian side, has starded war in Ukraine. There is no other way we as humanity can name this. Anyone who calls it “situation” or “developments” or “operation” is pouring water on Putin’s mill.

What’s been happining in the last 8 years

In 2014 Putin’s forces has occupied Crimea. Army of Ukraine couldn’t do anything agaist this because in the time it was in a bad shape and also because forces that occupied Crimea was big and moved in very fast. After that with help of propaganda and hiding behind paramilitary groups Russia took parts of Donbass region. The regime that was established on this territories was brutal and unhumane to the civilians. 8 years later occupied cities are crumbled, economy is nearly nonexistent and region that once greet European Footbal Championship has turned in depressive and grim place.


During fights with army of Ukraine, Russian forces and their paramilitary servants were using a lot of Russian army AA vehicles to shoot down Ukrainian planes. Once they have shot down civilian flight, MH-17. This has been proven by investigative commisions and private investigators, and there is no way to deny it.

What I’ve been doing these years

After Putin’s formal comeback in 2011 (formal because he has never stopped holding all the power in Russia) many people in Russia was very upset with this. I was among them. We were protesting on the streets of Moscow, we had several big protests, but in May 2012 government has brutally fought back. The protesters were beaten and later prosecuted with long prison time. The justice system in Russia doesn’t exist, only 0.4% of all cases (not 40%, less than half of a %) end in non-guilty verdict. Prisons in Russia are horrible. There are rapes, torture and all forms of oppression from the system and from the prisoners who ally with the system for benefits or out of fear.

I have stopped taking direct protest actions after that. Instead I’ve started donating money to political movements and humanitarian organisations.

After occupation of Crimea and war in the eastern part of Ukraine of 2014 we decided that we have to leave Russia. We couldn’t do any harm to the system from within, because this system doesn’t listen to the people - this is not a democracy. We decided that our money, our taxes and our brains shouldn’t be used by Russia in any matter and we left the country. First we have settled in Germany, and 2 years later - in the Netherlands. Here I have found a job that allows me to support my family and at the same time to so some good to the people of the world.

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