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25 March 2019

Pet projects and not starting new one

by Konstantin Petrov

Pet projects

I often want to write something for myself, but rarely do. The reason behind it that I don’t know how to dedicate time to it. I often to tired after work to write something new. Also, I am not sure if I want to make commitments. It is not nice to myself - commit to something and then fail it.

How to deal with it?


To work on something part time it is needed to fix a schedule, otherwise one can easily skip it. For starting I will work on the project on weekends in my spare time.

What am I going to build?

That’s a tricky question. For a long time I wanted to create a diary tool, a journaling program that would be good for me and that I could trust. I found it hard to switch from one diary system to another, and I don’t like closed source systems. Lately I start believing that text should be stored if form of text files and that I shouldn’t mix it with pictures. Technically it gives me nice small scale of project to implement. I need a commanding tool and mobile version. Perhaps, I can start creating mobile friendly client for

So many times I didn’t

Many times before I have started working on some tool and dropped soon after. Well, this time I am determined to finish because I feel a very big need in such toolings.

Why I have written this and not going to start

Because, come on, there are plenty of better things to do. One need to choose a right tool for the task, not build tools every time from scratch. Of course, sometimes it is needed, and nothing can do better than homegrown coffee, but not every time.

Truth is - I need to build a safe harbour for my digital assets, trusted and mine to the point I don’t think of it. Now it is all concentrated in my phone and work laptop. It all can be stolen easily, and that is definitely not nice.

So, digital vault instead of tooling.

tags: privacy - programming - choice