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6 March 2019

Working from Home, Questions

by Konstantin Petrov

It is allowed to regularly work from home in our organisation. It wasn’t the case before.

I am going to try it as soon as possible.

However, there are questions needs to be answered.

How do I participate in meetings?

They are going to buy some microphones for the meeting rooms. It will make remote meetings much simpler.

How do I do bug running?

For those who don’t know what it is - we have a chore to keep an eye on the queue in our ticketing system and fix technical our external and internal users face from time to time.

We have decided that we are going to rotate this duty daily, not weekly. This way everyone could write feature code each sprint and won’t feel detached. We will avoid doing big running from home.

How do we share knowledge?

We will be available on the internal phone and also on the chat. With some discipline it would be fine.

What if hardware failing?

Tough luck. Given we are using quite good hardware chances are minuscule. However, it is safer not to run any updates while not in the office.

What if surroundings aren’t sustainable for work?

In this case it is always an option to come to the office or to some shared workspace.

How it will affect team morale?

We will find out. The goal of this change is to keep people fresh. If it doesn’t help the team has an option to roll it back.

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