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2 January 2019

New Year's Resolution 19

by Konstantin Petrov

Last week I reed on Twitter that it is much easier to follow the new year resolutions if they are not for the whole year.

So I have deciced to give it a try. I will go month by month building habits and changing my life.

My idea is that if I concentrate on one small thing for a month it will be easy to create a new habit. After one month this small thing is already a part of my life if I succeeded.

Thus, it is easy to try next thing.

First month

I had to come up with the plan for the first month very quickly, so I have picked up the most underdone thing I have personally - learning Dutch.

Every day I am going to study for at least half an hour.

I will post my progress here.

First progress

Yesterday I have done review of the first 22 lessons I finished before in the Babbel application and finished another one.

It is a way to go, but I am about to build a process.

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