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7 December 2018

One of the Most Dangerous Things

by Konstantin Petrov

one can do to you is to make you believe that responsibility and guilt is the same thing.

Once it is done you cannot be responsible for anything because you will fill guilt for it. It eats you from inside of your soul.

That’s why all the empires failed and that’s why even after they fell people living there still struggle to change their lives.

When you change your thinking from guilt to responsibility you are not any more limited by social constructs that have no sense. There are a lot of them in lots of the countries. After you are free, you start to ask questions and be sceptical about choices others make and choices society expect from you. Answering these questions could be hard, not because it is hard to grasp the underlying motives, but because the answers may hurt you a lot.

One might find oneself in a position when she or he cannot trust relatives or so-called friends any more. One can start thinking about changing his life entirely and systematically.

The understanding of this question begins a new life for many people.

I myself was there, and I released myself from guilt dictated to me by the society and parents.

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