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3 June 2018


by Konstantin Petrov

How do you start your day? Leaping out of bed, washing face, cooking breakfast… Here. It can take a while to cook breakfast, especially if you like me like to treat yourself with something nicely cooked.

I used to spend long time cooking breakfast, even if I am the only person who eats. Half an hour. Or more.

During this process I often got distracted, switched to reading news while eggs and sausages fry if it is something simple by means of mental effort.

You know, brain crave mental work. It is hard to stop it from thinking. And if you give it to think uncontrollably it will wonder to the furthest thoughts not necessary of a great value.

The first hours of the day is sacred. You just got up and your mind is fresh. It is wasteful to think uncontrollably in this time.

To stop it one needs to minimize the chance of being distracted in this hours. And to not be distracted I choose to minimize efforts on every additional task I am doing.

I am saying no to hamburgers for breakfast, although I like hamburgers. I am saying no to complex salads and wrapped egg scrambles. From now on breakfast is either muesli or porridge with occasional bread.

I wake up at 6 not to cook, but to learn.