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2 January 2018

Year 2017

by Konstantin Petrov

What has happened and what have I done in the year 2017. The post covers only work related staff, nothing about personal life.

Last year:

Zendesk integration

The core function of our organization is dealing with customer needs, so the ticketing system is essential.

Before the year 2017 we had a home grown ticketing system from late 90-s. It was connected to every process and tool inside the company. The work of integrating the new system was very challenging, but also very satisfying.

Scrum Master

I have started working in Scrum teams the first year I became a developer. It was in JNetX, 8 years ago.

Much later, when I came to Otixo, I have tried to introduce Scrum process in there but didn’t succeded.

Here, after previous Scrum Master decided to leave the company I volonteered to take the role.

I did the training and I liked it. Passed the certification.

I am still on the very first steps of this way, a lot to do still, a lot to learn.


You are reading this only because I came back to blogging. Partly inspired by the Nullprogram blog, partly driven with the urge to create. Also, I am practicing English here and at some point I will practice Dutch.

This blogging thing brought me to the questions I always worried about but never answered.

I am trying to answer this questions now.


I read a lot, especialy this year. About relationships, about human nature and flows.


I learned vim to the point I feel uncomfortable without vim like controls. Also I have fixed one bug in the IntelliJ IDEA vim plugin, and I hope that it will be merged to the main brunch soon.

I tryed to write bash scripts, and I found it useful. I dislike the conditional clauses in bash a lot though.

This year I have tryed Kotlin - the very practical language. It is ok, and when you have to do a lot of work it can help. The projects I have now I will write in Kotlin, just to understand it fully.

As the matter of learning some ways of the functional programming I started learning Haskell. It is fun.

Programming projects

I decided to write my own blogging software, the things we have now is nice but I would like to make nicer one.

Also, the own shopping list project is started - I have managed to create a list of features I need most and I know how to get them.


I just started, I like it, I need to learn more because I want to stay here.


With cycling to work almost every day I got nice fitness, but I found it is not enough. Also, I like to think while I am running. To do it safely, I started going to the gym.


I spoke about performance testing and I gave a talk about our work on Zendesk project and I liked both.

It went well, so I will try to speak more. We have a small conference in our department every two weeks, it is a good opportunity to polish skills and move forward.


Soon I will create a post about plans for the next month - I think that planning for a year is way to long. Of course I have draft plan for a year, but monthly plans are much more useful.