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27 October 2017

My own shopping list

by Konstantin Petrov

I am going to create my own shopping list application.


I have not heard best memory. Every time I go shopping I have to write a list somewhere. Either I use Evernote or a piece of paper, it is not convinient enough.

Evernote is to broad and doesn’t have a type of notes suitable for too lists. Specialised applications like RememberTheMilk aren’t bad, but I haven’t found one I can use without learning their concepts and I don’t want to.


I would like to have a simple list application. As a user I want to create a list of goods and go to the shop. I want application to help me with autocorrect and predictions.

While I am shopping I will swipe items on the list left of right, meaning I bought it or I am excluding it from the list. After I am done I may enter a total cost for all the groceries. I am not willing to enter a price per piece, not even quantity.

After that, I may enter the shop name.

After some statistics gained I want appication to sort list according to regular patterns such as:

Aside from sorting, I would like to be remainded about things I have not bought last times in the shop I am going to visit.

Also it would be nice to get rough estimation of the total cost, given the previous experience.


  1. Just the application with the list and swipes.
  2. History of lists, statistics.
  3. Predictions of the goods names.
  4. Reminders of what wasn’t bought.
  5. Sorting of the list.
  6. Add different shops.
  7. Assumptions what shop to visit.
  8. Predictions of the total cost.