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7 August 2017

About myself

by Konstantin Petrov

I am living in Amsterdam, working as software developer. I am married, we have a child. We have come here from Russia, but before that we have spent two years in Germany, where I also was working as a developer in a small startup.

Why I am writing

English isn’t my mother language, I want to learn it better. Also, I often feel the urge to write something and share it with others. I want to start a blog.

What is this all about

I decided to create my own blogging platform. It should allow one to install it on any computer with internet connection and get one’s own site for blogging. I believe that standalone blogs is better than big platforms. Because I do most of my work in Java, I am interested to try something else for this side quest. Maybe, JVM-based (Kotlin, for example). Maybe, it will be Python.

In the next posts coming I will fix the feature list for the very beginning version of the blogging system, and then I decide technologies to use.